Ingredients and nutrients

Our tea can offer any type of nutrient you may need. Each bag is crafted and designed for a specific type of user and therefore can offer the nutrients that everybody needs.

Almost all teas known to man are loaded with healthy nutrients and compounds that our body needs. This is a well-known fact and the main reason why teas are so powerful in fighting the issues and offering you the best health benefits. On this page, you can see a bit more about the matter.

Dark tea

It is loaded with various nutrients that boost your body and mind. They make each cup of tea nutritional, obviously and make it better in this case scenario than ordinary teas.

Green tea

Loaded with the best nutrients you will ever need. Thanks to them, the tea is able to provide various benefits to the human brain and metabolism. It is excellent if you want to manage your weight in a safe way and without any risk present.

Yellow tea

Commonly known as the richest in nutrients of them all. The reason for this is the plant that gives us yellow tea. It is based on healthy compounds found in some of the most beneficial plans known to science.

Black tea

Black tea is even more loaded with various compounds and nutrients all bodies will need. It is ideal if you want to supply hard to get nutrients to your body and to make it stand out from the crowd.

Nutritional values explained

In this section, we will explain the nutrients and nutritional values of the teas we have prepared for you. It is ideal if you want to know what you are bringing inside the body.

Health benefits

Nutritional balance

Meeting the requirements

Tea/nutrientBlack teaYellow teaGreen tea
Total Fat 0 g0 g0 g
Dietary fiber3g4g3.2g