How we make teas

Since 1855

Perfect flavor, even better taste and always healthy

Our teas are grown using the oldest technique known to man. This is mandatory due to a simple reason. There are no artificial ingredients, chemicals or anything similar.

We guarantee you that each bag of tea will be grown in this method. As the result, you can be positive that the best tea is always present in your life. If you want more, we can explain the process in detail and help you understand all the basics and also share a few secrets.

Over time we learned that the best method is the oldest. It is the simplest as well, but it has magical properties on the cup of tea you will drink. It is something wonderful that you must experience in order to learn and understand.

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The best plants from the best gardens. The most important part of the process is to start with fresh and natural plants. They make tea stunning.


Traditional gardens

Our gardens are the simplest you can see in the world. There is a reason for that. Tea plants love the simplicity and they must be treated with care, not with chemicals.

Each garden is tested on a regular basis and it must meet our expectations. If or when needed, we will make additional changes and improvements to the garden to make it even better and more productive. Safety is always present and mandatory, period. There are no deviations allowed in our case scenario.

Picked with hands of experts

Each leaf should be picked when it deserves that. This is one of our many secrets.

All the plants are processed when they need and want to be. This may sound strange, but handpicking is the best way to get stunning tea every single time. Our workers know when and how to pick the tea so there are no damages to the exterior or interior structure of the plant. This is the reason why our teas look and feel different, better!